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We all love cupcakes and to think that they many have bit of nutritional value is something we have all hoped for, but you may get your wish. After years of study there are some cupcakes worth eating. Whether it’s the new ingredients or simply how they are baked any bit of health news will let us enjoy them a little easier next time! Below you will find a few benefits that may shock you.

Choc chip cupcakes

Choc chip cupcakes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Changing the type of oil you use: There are many types of cooking oil. While most of us use vegetable oil, canola oil is a much healthier choice. It can not only shave some calories off your cupcake but it can also shave some cholesterol off your heart. If you want to eat the cupcakes you love simply change the way you make them. This will help you and your family stay healthy.


Change the type of sugars you use: Changing your sugar may sound a bit scary. After all everyone claims their sugar alternative tastes the best and most don’t taste like sugar at all. But we are not asking you to use an alternative we are simply asking you to use a raw sugar. This cuts out all the processed stuff in the sugar and is much healthier for your body.


Reduce the size of your Cupcakes: While most people don’t think this can have a great impact on us or our cravings the truth is our cravings often will settle for a taste. While cravings often cause us to over indulge having a little of it regularly will help keep you from the over indulgences as it gets use to having it. If you deprive your body of what it wants too long, you will develop binge behaviors. Which is equally as bad.


Making sure you and your family have time for their sweet tooth, and can do it a little healthier will keep you all safe. After all a little fat is good for us all!

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