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There are many types of cupcakes out there. And with our busy lives we often don’t have the time to search for new designs. This can make our baking plans seem often repetitive. Below you will find a few simple ideas that can change your cupcakes from plain to masterpieces. Take a few minutes and read them it just might get your creative juices flowing.



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Cupcakes decorated with white icing by children. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are several simple ways to improve your cupcakes by adding craft choices or including more frosting ideas. Below we will show you:




Garden Cupcakes




When you think of spring we often think of flowers. Floral designs are simple. You can add different neon colors to each cupcake giving them variety. In addition many craft or baking shops will have cake decorations including butterflies, bees, etc. to add to each cupcake or a few out of the bunch to give it a more original look.  Using neon colors like pinks, reds, yellow, purples, and blues will add a simple touch.




Individual cupcakes




Making the cupcakes individualized for each child will not only put a smile on your face but make the kids feel special. You can do this by simply using a clear plastic cup, and some clear plastic paper to wrap around each cup.




For Easter there are many ideas but a simple idea is to use green frosting for grass, or confetti. And adding a few Easter egg chocolate covered candies to the top. This will  not only add a holiday touch but add a great big smile to your child’s face.




Making great cupcakes can be simple and easy with just a bit of creative choices. We can make anyone’s day pleasant.  The use of frosting, frosting tools, and a few craft designs can change your cupcakes from plan to pleasant in an instant!



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