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When it comes to the holidays quick finger food is always at the top of the list. Preparing a holiday dinner is often a long process so breakfast, and lunch for the holidays is about being quick and entertaining. Making a variety of muffins can help you take care of the dinner plans. There are several types of muffins that are great options for your breakfast maybe even lunch over the holiday. There are also many benefits of eating healthy muffins for breakfast.

Chocolate chip muffins baking in an oven

Chocolate chip muffins baking in an oven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Below are 3 reasons to pick the right muffin for the holidays:


Health Benefits:

The right muffin is not only flavorful but also has many health benefits. Some of the benefits can include antioxidants, vitamins B1, B6, B12, and even Vitamin C. These benefits improve the immune system, fight colds and flu, and even reduce your risk of getting heart disease.


Holiday Flavors:

There are some flavors that are tradition when it comes to the holidays. Including muffin flavors like blueberry, apple, and cinnamon muffins. These muffins are traditionally seasonal muffins and hover around the Halloween holiday. But they can be a great added benefit to your holiday dishes. And are quick memories of holiday’s past.


Homemade Muffins:

Homemade muffins not only continue many holiday traditions but allow you to make them healthy and ensure they are getting the right nutrition amounts. When you buy store bought muffins they are often filled with preservatives and processed ingredients which are not just unhealthy but full of calories. So making homemade muffins allow you to control the calorie intake, and give your family great health benefits for their snacks.


So if you want to find a great muffin to feed your family this holiday season be sure you provide them with homemade muffins. Give them a great reason to remember the whole day this holiday.

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