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Most of us remember the weight we gain at the end of the year around new years time. We often wish that we hadn’t ate all the food we could get our hands on. But we don’t want to ruin our holiday feasts with health foods and sugarless treats. So what do we do? Well there are a couple of delights you can add to your daily diet leading up till the holidays, and on the holidays this year that will make you feel a bit  lighter.

Christmas muffins

Christmas muffins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Cranberry Swirl Bran Muffins: Cranberries are always a great treat for the holidays, but they also help with other things which may loosen your belt a bit. Did you know that Cranberries have also been known to improve your immune system function, decrease blood pressure, and enhance weight loss? They also provide you with a great amount of fiber to keep you regular and on your toes. And well we all know what bran specializes in, fiber helps keep the digestive tract functioning normally. All with the delightful taste of a muffin in the morning, who would have thought!


Spiced Christmas Muffins with Pecans: For those of you who are not allergic to nuts these delightful little muffins will wake you up and keep you going. They have just the right amount of Cranberries, and pecans to boost your morning. Pecans have a large amount of vitamins including Vitamin E providing you with anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin b6 which gives your body energy, and potassium which strengthens your heart and controls your muscles function. What a great way to wake up in the morning!


Getting together your holiday dinner doesn’t have to be all about over eating, and indulging in unhealthy foods. Just a slight change this holiday season can give you a great new pick me up, and a new great taste all in one!


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