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1-chocolate-chip-muffinesMuffins are so very easy to make that even beginner chefs could quickly bake them. Below are some problems one might encounter while baking muffins.

Tough muffins

One conflict that people frequently run into is that their muffins are in fact tough or chewy. The best way to take care of this is choosing the right type of flour and making sure you prepare the dough correctly. Cake flour is very low in gluten so it may be the best option. You should also ensure that you don’t overwork the mixture before baking the muffins.
Fruits and nuts often drop to the bottom of the muffin mix

Another very frequent issue amongst muffin makers is that the fruits or nuts you use may drop to the bottom of the mix instead of dispersing throughout the mix. A great way to prevent this is to put them in flour first.
Unevenly cooked muffins

Often muffins are unevenly cooked. This might be caused by several issues. The mixture may not be dispersed evenly into the cups of the muffin pan. Your oven may possibly be tilted to one side. The muffin pan you’re using could have various hot spots in it. If the distribution of heat isn’t evenly spread throughout the mixture then it is practically certain that the muffin will not be tasty. Using a silicone muffin pan often is a good idea to prevent this problem.

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