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Most of us as parents feel that cupcakes are a dessert or a junk food, which often causes us to reduce the amount we provide for our kids in their daily diet. But what if you could reduce the amount of junk in the cupcakes and provide them with needed nutrients we can’t get them to eat in other forms? We often struggle with getting such nutrients as fiber, and wheat into our children’s diet do to the fact that these things are not always the best tasting. Coming up with other means to get these nutrients into their diet is necessary.

Wheat gluten flour

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Below are 2 ways you can get it done:


Changing All purpose flour: Quite often we use all purpose flour because it is the most common flour available, and often because our mothers used it when we were children. However over the last decade we have found that there are several other types of flour that are equally if not more beneficial than this classic choice. Wheat flour is a great option when it comes to choices for our baking needs. It also helps us get more wheat into our daily diet.



Making your own frosting: I know your thinking how can this help make the cupcakes healthier for the children? Well quite simply put making your own frosting gives you control over what is put in the frosting, and how much. Store bought frosting has a lot of preservatives and unhealthy sugars. But giving us the decision on what to use for our frosting will allow us to use things like sugar supplements, or even how much you choose to put in your cupcakes.


So being proactive can help you not only make you more aware of what is being put in the foods your children are eating but it can also help you ensure that they are eating right.

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