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Have you watched someone who performs the task of cake frosting? It may look so easy. But, you will find that it is not as easy as you think it is. The thing is that it is made simple and easy. This is after learning the step-by-step process. Take a look at the procedure below. And then, follow it to experience the fun task of frosting a cake.


Beginning Process



Before proceeding on how to frost a cake, preparing your cake is the first thing to consider. Allow the cake to cool. Otherwise, it will just melt the cold frosting. It will soak the top layer and make it even soggier. The cake and the frosting must be at a room temperature level. There is a need to wait for a few hours before the temperature is reached.


Before you start with the frosting process, ensure that the cake is flat. Baked cakes tend to rise at the center and feature a dome-like look. It is not advised to start with the frosting if that is the case since the dome will frost to slide to the edges.


Make the surface of the cake flat by slicing a thin layer off of its top using a serrated edge knife. This should be performed even when you make layered cakes. To make this part easier, make sure to cut the top layer of the cake while it is still inside the pan.


Afterwards, you can set up the cake. Place the cake on a round cake bottom or cardboard. And then, add 2-inch thick of wax paper strips to the edges along the bottom. These strips will be removed upon finishing the frosting.


The purpose of using strips is to achieve a smoother cake. Use a spinning cake stand in making the process easier for you. If you want to truly achieve a smooth frosting, using a bench scraper and offset spatula is essential.


Add the crumb coat layer. It is a rough frosting layer used to seal-in the crumbs that smoothens the frosting easily.



Cake Frosting Using an Offset Spatula


  1. Add a dollop of the frosting on top of the cake after warming it slightly for easier spreading on the surface.
  2. You may now start spreading the icing using a spatula. Spread it in an outward manner from the center. While doing so, spin the stand with the cake In this part, you do not need to worry if the frosting is not yet smooth. All you need to do is to cover the crumb completely.
  3. Start frosting the side. To do this, add enough amount of frosting at the center of one of the sides of the cake. Start spreading the cake from that direction and through an outward manner. Make sure that the spatula is parallel to the side of the cake in the process. Add more frosting if necessary.
  4. Smoothen the frosting. Use the spatula to do this. Start smoothening the frosting at the top. Work slowly from side to side until you see that the frosting is completely smoothened. Once done, you may start and apply the same at the sides. Wipe off the excess frosting if there is.


If you think that your cake’s frosting is completely smooth, you may start removing the strips of paper wax. Afterwards, you can start appreciating your work of art!


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