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Quite often breakfast struggles to be the most exciting  meal of the day. And getting the kids excited about it can be a challenge. So how do you get them interested in breakfast? There are several ways including adding muffins to the mix. We want to not only make it a delicious meal but a fun one too. Giving  the meal variety often helps with this. Keeping them guessing will improve the chances of them wanting to eat in the morning. In most cases when you get them eating regularly then their bodies will do the rest. Below are a few ideas to help you out.

2 wicker baskets full of muffins sit on a blue...

2 wicker baskets full of muffins sit on a blue, pink and white checkered tablecloth in a tight shot. There is a broken muffin in the foreground. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Choosing the Right Foods:


Sometimes it’s only a matter of what foods are being served. Spicing up the plates can bring excitement to the table for children. Stressing the variety of choices finding new flavors of muffins will help keep them guessing. Finding new recipes you  never used will assist you in this aspect. Instead of using basic muffin recipes like blueberry, banana, apple, or even bran try to use recipes like banana nut, apple cinnamon, or even raisin bran muffins.


Adding Variety to your meal:


In addition to your muffins you might try adding some variety in the food department. For instance adding a cup of fruit to their plate may help keep their interest. Choosing a variety of fruits like berries one day, and melons another may help keep them guessing as well.


Adding spice to the plate:


If you have time it may help also to add a bit to the plate for decoration. This often gets the children excited. Examples maybe adding things around the plate such as their favorite flavored syrups, or whip cream to dip their fruits etc… These ideas can help you keep them healthy and excited about breakfast.

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