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Many of us enjoy indulging in the high calorie, sweet taste of cupcakes. Although we understand that cupcakes will desired are  not the greatest choice for a nutritious snack. So what can we do to reduce some of the calories or make them a bit more nutritious? Simply baking them at home instead of buying them at the store can give us a bit of an advantage. Below are some reasons why.

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Cupcakes made in at the bakery or in stores are filled with junk foods. The cupcakes you make can first have reduced calories by substituting various ingredients to provide you and your family with a more healthy cupcake.


Additionally you can use fruits to increase their nutritional value. Most cupcakes don’t have fruits mixed in them and there for don’t have the health advantage that it would if they were included. By adding the fruit to your recipe you can offer one additional daily serving of fruit to your cupcakes and help you and your family.


In addition you can substitute the all purpose flour with half whole wheat flour. This will not only reduce the calorie count but the weight of your cupcakes and increase its nutritional value.


There are many other ways to improve the health advantage of cupcakes by simply preparing and baking them at home in your own kitchen. Many of us love cupcakes and now you have a few new reasons to love them and make them for a healthy snack. Just make sure that you understand what it is you put in your cupcakes and what those ingredients can do for your family.  Just small simple changes can mean bigger health advantages for you and your family. Just because your favorite snakes are higher in calories doesn’t mean you and your family can’t enjoy them. When you are the baker anything is possible!

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