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There is large debate over the health benefits of Cupcakes and Muffins. The truth is these debates are well founded. We often have the misconception that just because it looks healthy it is. Which is not necessarily true. In today’s food choice we are realizing that there are many store bought foods that have no nutritional value, and are doing more harm to our bodies than good.

English: Frosted cupcakes from Mon Petit Cupca...

English: Frosted cupcakes from Mon Petit Cupcake at the Farmers’ Market in Winona, Minnesota, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That is why it is important to make these foods ourselves. Everyone has cravings for sweets, junk foods, and chocolate from time to time and denying our natural cravings will often lead to over eating or binging. This is also unhealthy in itself.


So what makes cupcakes unhealthy?


Processed sugar– Or White sugars are like many other minerals if over done they can cause complications to your body. Such as increased blood glucose levels, and decreased immune response to name a few.


Processed fats– there is much debate about saturated fats, and hydrogenated fats to just name a few. Many say that these fats increase cholesterol levels, can cause heart disease, and even increase cancer risks.


Calorie Count– All diets stress the need to lower overall calorie intake, and increase exercise.


So what does this have to do with cupcakes and health? Below are some things to take in consideration.


If you are worried about processed sugar, fats, and calorie counts you should make your own cupcakes at home. This will help you determine each ingredient you place in the foods you eat. The biggest problem in America is our need to by already prepared foods. Doing this does not allow us to know what we are eating. Many of us feel that just because a major brand declares its “Better for you” than it is. This is  not always the case.


If you are worried about the calorie count simply be aware of the calories you are eating. Lowering your calorie count doesn’t mean you have to change the way you eat. It just means you have to change how much you eat.


If you want to be a healthier person simply empower yourself, and increase your overall knowledge of what you are putting in your  mouth. Get to know what ingredients goes into your favorite foods, understand how the foods your eating are made, and don’t take everyone word for it just because they say it. Learn how to be an advocate for your own health and don’t blame the foods you eat. After all people have been enjoying cupcakes for centuries!


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