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While Christmas is a great holiday for the whole family we often forget to include the children when it comes to making dinner or dessert. Sure we all enjoy the holiday food, desserts, and spirits but we forget that cooking and baking together can create some great memories. Below you will find out how you can not only make some new memories, but add tradition to your holiday.


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Do it Yourself Cupcakes: When it comes to cupcakes we often think of completely finished cupcakes, with frosting, candy, the whole works. However making cupcakes together can add a bit of sentimental value and show the kids you haven’t forgot them. Creating a do it yourself cupcake table with sprinkles, candies, frosting of different colors and flavors will bring out the best in them. A bit messy but fun, and memorable all the same. Be sure to line the floor beneath the table with newspaper just in case and have at it!


Stuffed Cupcakes: While do it yourself cupcakes seem great, stuffed cupcakes are also a surprise. Mixing your cupcakes with peach and apricot jam can add flavor, and a bit of zest to your dessert. They are easy to do, take less than 30 minutes to prepare, and will bring out the kid in everyone!


Candy Cupcakes: Making cupcakes with an additional sweetener such as a candy cane or two will bring a smile to many faces this holiday season. If you are looking for a great dessert idea look right on your Christmas tree! Candy canes and a bit of whip topping over your cupcakes will give some added flavor, and a mint for after dinner. What a delightful treat!


Christmas dinner can be a great memorable time, but dessert can be a tradition too. Making sure each and every guests remembers your holiday celebration maybe just an idea or a few extra minutes away. Don’t forget to add the little things this holiday season, they won’t forget you did!


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