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When we have breakfast we often determine what  nutrients we want to consume for this wonderful meal. We would often look passed the more nutritious foods and veer towards those quick junk foods for breakfast. However eating a muffin in the morning maybe able to add a great deal of nutrients in your diet. There are several nutrients we can include in the muffins in the morning. Below you will see 3 ways to make your muffins taste new for breakfast.

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Jelly Preserves: adding jelly preserves to your muffins either in the middle or on the top can not only add nutrients to your muffins but it can give it a great amount of flavor. If you like change mixing up the  preserve flavors you are using will give you a new adventure each morning.


Fresh Fruits: This is another quick way to improve the value of your meal. If you are not normally a breakfast person adding fresh fruit to your muffin can change the flavor and give you a serving of daily fruit. Fruit have antioxidants, vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and many other great reasons to add the blueberries, strawberries, or even orange to your muffin in the morning.


Changing Ingredients when making the muffins: Changing the ingredients a round a bit in your favorite muffins can give you not only a lower calorie count but it can also help you stay a bit more fit. For instance you may want to change the whole flour for some wheat flour giving you a bit of fiber in your diet. If you are looking to watch your calorie content you might try to change the sugar for a sugar substitute. These things can help lower your calories and give you more nutrition all in one meal.


Remember when it comes to improving your diet you may only need to make a few small changes to get big results!

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