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When it comes to the holidays we are always looking for new design Ideas to improve our dinner presentation. Our choice of food is just as important as our presentation of the meal, including dessert ideas. No body wants plain desserts to compliment their great meal choices. So how do you make an impact during the holidays? Making a few changes to your decoration designs can impact your overall meal in a big way. Below are a few design ideas that may impact your Thanksgiving meal this year.

Rainbow cupcake

Rainbow cupcake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Cupcake Designs: When it comes to decorating the cupcakes you should incorporate your design ideas with your table decorations. If you are planning a great design for the cupcakes allow them to match or flow into your table designs. For instance if you have a turkey them for your table design, use the turkey them on your cupcakes. This will enhance your overall decoration and make the table stand out that much more.


Tray Design: if you want to make a big impact for your cupcakes this year, take the time to decorate your serving tray. A few added candies, frosting placements, or even color choosen paper additions to the tray you serve it on will not just surprise your guests but add an extra special touch to your dessert this holiday season.


Design ideas for the holiday season are not just for your dinner table but a bit of creativity can add to the experience of dessert when it comes to your cupcakes. Extending your decoration ideas to include the serving tray and the table your dessert is presented on will not only get a lot of attention but add a bit to your families holiday traditions. Make Thanksgiving special to you and your family but taking out a few extra minutes to include the overall presentation of their meal, they will remember you for it!


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