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When we think about Thanksgiving dinner we often think of Turkey, Ham, Mac & Cheese, and all the sides we can handle. But making great desserts can brighten your table and bring smiles to the whole family just as fast. So when we think of cupcakes for the holidays making a few decorating changes or including some new design ideas when it comes to your traditional cupcakes can make all the difference in the world.


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Below are a few design ideas that can change your experiences this holiday season:


Frosting Themes: there are several choices when it comes to Thanksgiving, and you would be surprised how much of a difference your choice of frosting could mean to your cupcakes designs for the holidays. Making a small change in the color, texture, or event taste of the frosting could mean the difference between a winner when it comes to cupcake success and losing them when it comes to desserts. Using a bit of food coloring to merge the color sceme and interior design can have a big impact this holiday season as well.


Use of Candies: There are several types of candies that can be used as decoration to your cupcake experience as well. For instance using gingerbread themed characters or simple miniature cookies on top of your cupcakes can add a bit of surprise and improve your holiday décor.


Combination cakes or Plate Decorations: Mixing cupcake flavors, or marble designs can change the holiday experience for the better when it comes to holiday desserts. If you are looking for a real impact decorating the tray which you are serving the desserts on can impact the overall decorations making your table more festive for the holiday.


Remember simple changes in your presentation of desserts can impact your decorating in a big way, and make your holiday set up more memorable this holiday season.


Decorating your mini muffin pan cups is real fun to do with your kids!

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