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Cupcakes are a great dessert for the entire family while many kids enjoy them, surprising enough the parents do as well. So how can you make your cupcakes even more enjoyable than they already are? Below you will find a few ways to improve the dessert you already love, and improve the idea of the dessert as well.

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English: Chocolate cupcakes with sugar hearts and nonpareils (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Appearance: One of the most important parts about cupcakes is how they appear to the people eating them. If you make your cupcakes look inviting, and delicious you will get a better response from those eating them. So taking the time to touch up your serving plate, or your cupcakes decoration will help you accomplish this. If you are making the cupcakes for a special occasion it should help give you ideas for decoration. Decorating the plate with frosting designs, decorative candies, or even using a special serving tray works to highlight the first moment.


Taste: Great taste is a big part of cupcakes so improving on flavor, and taste will give you all the points when it comes to your favorite cupcakes. There are several ways to improve the taste including using a variety of icing ideas, or changing the cake to provide a variety of flavors. For instance the use of marble cake, or mixing vanilla, and chocolate flavors.


Health: While we all love the sweet flavors of the classic cupcake we have become more worried about protecting our health and the health of our families. We can make our cupcakes healthy for us and our families by changing a few ingredients for instance instead of using regular oil you can change it to canola oil which is much healthier for you. Or if you are looking for the same great taste without compromising your health you can simply make the cupcakes smaller. Less portion sized and less calories for you and your family to intake.


There are several ways to improve your cupcakes. Being more creative in the way it looks, tastes, and is presented will help bring out the best in your cupcakes! Until next time…keep baking!


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