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With Valentines day fast approaching many are nervous about baking a special dessert for that loved one. But there is plenty of time to get rid of those jittery stomach’s. Taking the time out to find out what areas of the kitchen are for you and what isn’t is a great first step to handling this situation. Below you will find several tips to help you make the most of this Valentines Day.


Tip 1: Pace yourself in the kitchen- You should never rush while in the kitchen. Know how much time you have and how much more time you will need. When it comes to baking you should plan ahead. Take your time when you are baking so you don’t ruin the dish.


vegan pumpkin muffins

Valentine muffins (Photo credit: seelensturm)

Tip 2: Schedule your time out- If you have to get the food done by a certain time, for dinner, or a date per say than you would want to plan the baking in advance never at the last minute. This could spell disaster which you wouldn’t want to happen on Valentines Day.


Tip 3: Remember to decorate the plate- This is a tip that can really bring a smile. Taking the time to decorate the plate not only looks awesome but it can draw attention from a bit of a mess from the baking experience, or even heighten the senses by adding to the overall turn out of the baked dish whether its cookies, cakes, muffins, brownies, etc…


Valentines Day can be a very special day. Don’t make it about what you baked instead of the time you spend with your special someone. Add to their senses and your experience with the tips above and enjoy your time together. Valentines Day is a day for you and them. Make it about your special someone and tell them you love them with food!

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