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Brownies have been a big favorite for many years. It is sometimes tricky when it comes to brownies however simply because there are so many favorites not just on flavor but type as well. Deciding between chewy, gooey, rich, dense, moist, and even baked who can decide. Since there are several favorites and we don’t have all year on this topic we will simply share the top 4. Below you will see the top 4 on our list and feel free to create your own top list.

chocolate brownies

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Chocolate Fudge Brownies:

Chocolate fudge have been a favorite for decades, not just to kids but adults as well or maybe more. Chocolate fudge don’t present a big nutritional value but when it comes to brownies who’s worrying about health? What they lack in nutrition they make up for in flavor and happiness. If you don’t believe us make a batch for your kids and see how happy they become.


Chocolate Chip Cook Dough Brownies:

Next on the list are Chocolate chip cookie dough. We all remember eating cookie dough as a child. Almost all children go through the cookie dough faze, after all it is a normal part of growing up. But some of us don’t stop and need that taste if not for just a minute of indulgence.


Mint Chocolate Brownies:

If Andies, Junior mints, or peppermint patties are on your favorite sweets list than these brownies will be on your list. Mint chocolate brownies will bring you that taste and more. Mint has great health benefits including eliminating toxins, reducing irritable bowel syndrome, and even whitening the teeth. But most of all it is known for calming the stomach.


The Baked Brownies:

Baked brownies are moist and more cake like. They provide a rich powerful flavor that often lingers well after it’s been eaten. If you have a memory of brownies when you were a child the chances are that it was a baked brownie that made it. Mother’s across the world love this great desserts. Cut into squares that make great treats for mid-day or even evening if you aren’t too afraid of the sugar rush the kids might get. But we all have our little indulgences, shouldn’t they?


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