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Some of you may have noticed the holiday season sneaking up on us. Lumbering up might be more accurate; the holidays are hardly subtle about it.  And along with all the holiday cheer comes the holiday party invitations. Perhaps you’ve even sent out some invites of your own? If so, you’ll probably want to check out this list so that you are prepared to convince your guests that you live in a clean, sweet-smelling house. Here you go:

kitchen with pumpkins

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1)     Vinegar: For centuries, vinegar has been used as a household cleaner and a deodorizer, and it turns out our ancestors knew what they were talking about. Leaving out a bowl of distilled white vinegar for a day will soak up a lot of undesirable smells, such as cigarette odors, pet odors, garbage odors, and who-knows-what-else you’ve got smelling up your house. Pouring it down the drain will take care of any funky drain smells, as well, especially if you combine it with baking soda.


2)     Charcoal: This is another natural remedy that’s been around for a while. Activated charcoal is very porous and is excellent at soaking up smells (as well as poisons!) that are floating around your house. Leaving a bowl of it in key rooms for a day or so before your party will suck a lot of the weird aromas from the air.


3)     Citrus: If you have a garbage disposal, cut up some lemons or limes (or even oranges) and send them down the disposal to sweeten the chute. Alternately, combine lemon juice and water in a spray bottle and spritz your couch (if it’s cloth), counters, and sinks with it and then wipe away.


4)     Vanilla: This tip is especially perfect for parties, because it makes it seem as though you just baked up a storm, even if you’ve bought everything from the store. Pour some vanilla (1 – 2 Tsbp.) into a pot and sprinkle with cinnamon (1 Tbsp.) Fill the pot about half way with water (more if it’s a small pot) and stir everything together. Set on the stove and turn the heat to the lowest possible setting. As it warms up, the scent of cinnamon and vanilla will fill the air, and holiday cheer will seem very easy to find, no matter how stressed you are. Just don’t forget to turn on the stove before all the water burns off!


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