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Cupcakes are great ideas for many occasions. We often make cupcakes for our families but more times than not they are for a special occasion. While we want to encourage healthy foods in our daily lives there are many ways we can do this and have a bit of sweetness too. Take a look below at the ideas for your next homemade cupcakes. Some healthy ideas and some strictly for fun and perk up any event.


Birthday, Cake with candles

Birthday, Cake with candles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Candles & Confetti


This idea is both easy and fun for your families next event, party, or gathering. The products are generally in your home and are easily put together for those who do not want to have a time consuming idea but want to dazzle the guests.


Items needed:


Cake candles (variety of colors)


Sprinkles (variety of colors)


Simply place two or three candles in each cupcake, and sprinkle the cake decorating sprinkles over each frosted cupcake. You can use a variety of frosting colors, sprinkle colors, and candle colors to make the cupcakes more decorative.


Pie Cupcakes




This idea helps both with ease and adding a bit of nutrition to your cupcakes. With these cupcakes you can add a bit of fresh fruit blueberries, strawberries, or cherries make great ideas. They will give you an opportunity to add some fruit to your cupcakes.


Items needed:



Fresh fruit


extra frosting


Simply put some fruit over the top of the cupcakes in the frosting, and use the extra frosting to draw criss-cross design over the cupcakes in the shape of pie crusts. This will allow the fruit to show through adding color and give a bit of sweetness to the cupcakes.



Sunflower Cupcakes


Sunflowers are always great in the summer. Making a wonderful sunflower design on your cupcakes allow you to add a simple flare with ease and add some nutrition. The sunflower design is easy and a great addition to lawn parties, summer parties, even back yard bbq’s.


Items Needed”


Fresh fruit-(blueberries)




yellow frosting



Simply add the fresh fruit in top of the cupcakes, and rasins in a circle in the middle. Than place the yellow frosting like petals around the edges of each cupcake. This will add both sweetness and an additional fruit to your guest or family’s day.


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