3 Ways to Make a Fantastically Fun Mess With Your Cupcakes

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We  often look for things to do at home with our families and sometimes “free” is all we can afford. So how do we gain a great day with the family and spend virtually nothing? Make fantastically messy cupcakes! They require little to no money and can be enjoyed by all members of the family. If you are looking for the right type of cupcakes or decorations to put on them take the time to review the three ways to make fantastically fun cupcakes below.

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Close-up of cupcake with pink frosting and sprinkles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dabbling in the designs:

When trying to make great cupcakes it’s all about the decorations. That’s right, many families spend lots of time together getting messy and dabbling in the decorations of the cupcake toppings.  Getting sprinkles, sparkles, or even flavored sugar flakes. Often times you can get these type of decorations at any dollar store for little to nothing. Some decorations may already be in your cabinet.


Frosting Choice:

Another big aspect of cupcake fun is adding the frosting. It gives  the family time to get messy. Adding homemade frosting or store bought frosting can still give the family a sense of togetherness when decorating their cupcake creations. Choosing a larger range of frosting flavors, and types can help your family engage in the fun. Licking your finger is a must!


Choosing cake flavors:

When it comes to the flavor of cupcake there are a load of choices. Allowing your children to make the decision can help them feel like part of the activities. Mixing cake types including, vanilla, chocolate, lemon, or even marble will make this another fun way to interact. Choosing to make a few cupcake types can expand the fun.


While there are many ways to engage in family fun, among some of the most are the opportunities to bake, or cook together as a family. It is cheap, effective, and a great family event. Take the time to spend an hour or two on your cupcakes and see what it means to you.

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