2 Reasons to Avoid Store Bought Muffins

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There are several places you can go to get an already prepared muffin. But many of these places provide muffins with many added ingredients that are not healthy for you or your family. In fact the average coffee shop muffin has over 450 calories in it and weights up to 5 oz. As a matter of fact bigger is not better.


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Below are two reasons you should avoid eating store bought muffins:


Quite often the muffins you get in the grocery store, convenience store, or even gas stations have added ingredients to preserve the muffins when they are on the shelf. Homemade muffins only last for a few days before they start to go bad. Then they are bought from the store the owners do not know how long it will take to sell the products and have the extend the shelf life. These add ingredients over time can be harmful to you and your family.


Another reason is the muffins purchased in the stores are filled with processed sugars, and processed fats which are bad for you. It is also the reason that these muffins have so many calories. When you bake these same muffins at home you can reduce the amount of processed sugars and fats by substituting some of these ingredients. This will lower the calories, and fat intake your family  will be consuming.


The health of our families are of the highest importance. Small changes to your diet and theirs will allow your family to be healthy and intake fewer calories each day. Baking your own muffins can help you do this simply and easily while knowing what they are consuming on a daily basis. Baking is one of the best ways mothers can monitor the overall nutrition those they love are eating. Bake one item each day and watch how easily you can improve your overall health!


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