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Summer’s not quite officially over, but September has a way of making everything feel like fall. This lemon poppy seed muffin is the perfect in-between bread: the bright lemon flavor is classic summer, but the poppy seeds add a nuttiness and crunch that herald the coming fall. Plus, they’re rich in magnesium, fiber, and calcium, so you’ll feel positively virtuous after you eat your morning muffin. (more…)

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Muffins are delicious, but sometimes you’re just not up to making them in the morning. And there’s no shame in that! We don’t judge you for whatever you were doing last night that made you so tired this morning. Or maybe you’re just a night owl and the idea of waking up early to measure ingredients is your personal idea of purgatory. If that’s the case, you might want to take a look at these muffins. You make the bulk of the recipe days or weeks or months in advance so that once you drag your sleepy self out of bed, you can have these out of the oven in about 25 minutes total. (more…)

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