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As the days get colder and windier, sometimes you need a reminder of the sun. A reminder that life won’t always include parkas and mittens and running noses. And voila! Here come lemon and lavender muffins, full of tart citrus and delicate floral tastes. The “muffin” part is perhaps debatable after you roll it in sugar (oh, didn’t we mention that?), but it still passes for breakfast, so no need to feel guilty. (more…)

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With the advent of colder weather, our food choices naturally get a bit heavier. A bit more comforting. There are more stews on the menu, more dense breads, and more rich sauces. None of which we could ever complain about! The rich, tasty menu is one of fall’s best attributes. However, sometimes you want something with the deep, comforting flavor of autumn, but not quite so much of the denseness. And for that, we present this muffin! It has the lovely fall flavors of raspberries and almonds and honey, but with Greek yogurt and olive oil to lighten up the batter. (more…)

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