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Most of us as parents feel that cupcakes are a dessert or a junk food, which often causes us to reduce the amount we provide for our kids in their daily diet. But what if you could reduce the amount of junk in the cupcakes and provide them with needed nutrients we can't get them to eat in other forms? We often struggle with getting such nutrients as fiber, and wheat into our children's diet do to the fact that these things are not always the best tasting. Coming up with other means to get these nutrients into their diet is necessary. (more…)

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There probably aren’t many people who actually think about flour very often, except to notice that they’re out and they have to make a run to the store and they wanted to have this cake in the oven by 5:30 PM, darnit! But we really should, since all our fluffy, mouthwateringly delicious desserts are made with flour. Except ice cream, of course. And flourless chocolate cake. And flan. Okay, there are a lot of good flourless desserts. But still! Flour plays such a huge part in most kitchens that we are remiss in not discussing its many varieties, its pros and cons, and its ins and outs. Without further ado, here’s a breakdown of some of the basic flours you may encounter: (more…)

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