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Breakfast is considered to be the single most important meal of the day. A nutritious breakfast is vital to getting through the day with plenty of energy and resolve. What do you include on your breakfast plate? Do you even eat breakfast? If your body is lacking the nutrition it requires to deal with day-to-day tasks, you could be overeating later on in the day to make up for it without even realizing you do it. Whether you skip breakfast or eat the wrong foods when you first wake up, you are doing yourself a great disservice on both counts.     7-cinnamon-muffins Did you know that the muffins you buy from the grocery store are jam packed full of calories and saturated fats? Each of these commercially packaged muffins will contain at least 350 calories or more. Banana nut, pumpkin oat, poppy seed - these muffins may seem pretty healthy at first glance when you see them sitting on the store shelf, but looks can be deceiving. Processed foods are notorious for their high fat content, but breakfast muffins are especially infamous. You probably will not want to give up on your breakfast, so what alternatives are there to these fattening muffins? How can you switch out your normal breakfast muffin for a healthy muffin, and what is it that makes a muffin healthy? The answer is simple. (more…)

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