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With the holiday just passing our tables many are thinking about how to take the calories off rather than put some on. However there are simple indulgences that we often dive into regardless of a few calories this includes luscious cookies! From the time we could wrap our fingers around them til the time we have our own children's fingers gripping the baking bowl we have a love of cookies.   (more…)

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Brownies have been a big favorite for many years. It is sometimes tricky when it comes to brownies however simply because there are so many favorites not just on flavor but type as well. Deciding between chewy, gooey, rich, dense, moist, and even baked who can decide. Since there are several favorites and we don't have all year on this topic we will simply share the top 4. Below you will see the top 4 on our list and feel free to create your own top list. (more…)

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