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Previously, we talked about the most common types of flour: all-purpose, pastry, cake, and bread flours. However, there’s a whole world of flours still to be discussed! Non-wheat flours have become much more available in recent years due to increased awareness about Celiac’s Disease and gluten sensitivity, and so have recipes featuring these non-wheat flours.   For many recipes, the gluten is necessary to cohere the bread/cookie/cake together, so these gluten-free flours can’t always be used as direct substitutes. A better bet is to create (or buy) a blend that uses a gluten-free flour and thickeners such as cornstarch or tapioca starch. Here are some of the more available flours and how they’ll work in your recipes:   (more…)

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Buckwheat flour is one of the more commonly available non-wheat flours, and it can be a great resource for gluten-free baking. It has a strong, interesting flavor, nutty and sort of rustic, for lack of a better word. It definitely has more personality than all-purpose flour, which makes for much more complex muffins. It can have a bitter lean to it, but the strong ingredients in this recipe keep it under wraps.   Oh yes, let’s talk about the other ingredients! Buckwheat is just a small part of what makes these muffins so amazing. Olive oil, almond, yogurt, lemon, cranberries – they have it all. It’s chock full of flavor and bursting with health, and all the different textures (silky olive oil, coarse buckwheat, crunchy nuts) make for a pretty wild muffin. Yes, we just called a muffin “wild”. (more…)

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