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As the days get colder and windier, sometimes you need a reminder of the sun. A reminder that life won’t always include parkas and mittens and running noses. And voila! Here come lemon and lavender muffins, full of tart citrus and delicate floral tastes. The “muffin” part is perhaps debatable after you roll it in sugar (oh, didn’t we mention that?), but it still passes for breakfast, so no need to feel guilty. (more…)

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During the holidays we all wait for family and great diner food. But what about breakfast and lunch? We are often so busy we forget about the importance of these too meals. So what holiday treats can we provide our families during the holidays for breakfast? Below are a few great breakfast muffin ideas to put on your holiday table this year. (more…)

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With the holiday's almost here we must remember that our decorating doesn't end with our walls. In fact we can continue to decorate through the food we serve and how we present it. Presentation can mean the difference between your guests enjoying your food and never trying it. We all eat through our senses. Ever hear your mother say “If it doesn't smell good, it won't taste good?” well she wasn't wrong in her thinking. (more…)

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