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These muffins are not only gluten-free, they have exactly no processed sugar in them. But never fear! They also taste incredible. Yes, it’s a healthy (sort of) delicious (absolutely) muffin. They’re dark and spicy and rich, and they feel like autumn in a muffin. The almond flour makes for a denser muffin, so you probably won’t want more than one mini muffin. Although we won’t judge if you want two. They are pretty darn good. This recipe adapted is from Eating for England. (more…)

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Previously, we talked about the most common types of flour: all-purpose, pastry, cake, and bread flours. However, there’s a whole world of flours still to be discussed! Non-wheat flours have become much more available in recent years due to increased awareness about Celiac’s Disease and gluten sensitivity, and so have recipes featuring these non-wheat flours.   For many recipes, the gluten is necessary to cohere the bread/cookie/cake together, so these gluten-free flours can’t always be used as direct substitutes. A better bet is to create (or buy) a blend that uses a gluten-free flour and thickeners such as cornstarch or tapioca starch. Here are some of the more available flours and how they’ll work in your recipes:   (more…)

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