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For those excited to start the holiday season, Halloween can be a barrel of fun. But making sure you have the best party in the neighborhood can be a challenge. Getting our children dressed for the events of the night can be entertaining but what about our desserts, or game prizes? If you are looking for fresh new ideas to make your holiday party even better this year read the below thoughts.

Pumpkin patch cupcakes.

Pumpkin patch cupcakes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Monster Cupcakes:


If you are looking for a great way to brighten up the party you simply need a pastry bag and some colored frosting to get the job done. Use of the pastry bags help get the frosting on the cupcakes in a spiky and furry manor. Making each cupcake different colors will spark up the room and the look. When you get to the eyes use of a simple dot of vanilla and a small dot of chocolate on top will make convincing eyes. Don’t forget kids love monsters and yours will too!


Mummy Cupcakes:


For these easy treats you simply need a pastry bag with a flat tip to weave the frosting across the cupcakes. These are very easy if you get prepacked non frosted cupcakes from the grocery store. A few wasps across the surface and a few dabs of vanilla, and chocolate for the eyes and your ready to go. Using another color like red and chocolate for the eyes will liven things up. You’ll be the bell of the ball..


Pumpkin Cupcakes:


If you are looking to add a bit more to your dessert tray, pumpkin cupcakes will be an easy hit! Pumpkin cupcakes simply need some orange frosting, and a dash of orange baking sugar for the top. If you have a bit of creative talent than you can make some ridges around the cupcake to make it look a bit more authentic. Pumpkins are always the children’s favorite and your party will be a hit!

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