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With the holiday just passing our tables many are thinking about how to take the calories off rather than put some on. However there are simple indulgences that we often dive into regardless of a few calories this includes luscious cookies! From the time we could wrap our fingers around them til the time we have our own children’s fingers gripping the baking bowl we have a love of cookies.



There is a lot to say about a great holiday cookie, or cookie of any kind for that matter. And we want to share with you some simple indulging ideas and a few healthy reasons to eat some as well. Below you will find the top 5 cookies of 2013 and why you should fill your kitchen with their dreamy aroma.



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Gingerbread cookies:


These great holiday favorites are number 5 because they bring back all the memories of diner table conversation, and favorite holiday smells. Though you may not know that ginger actually has some health benefits. Ginger is known as a great aid in many health problems including nausea, vomiting, and upper respiratory infections according to the National Library of Medicine.




And if that is not enough they have also stated that ginger assists with stomach upset, so what if you could help you stomach ache by eating a cookie. Well I don’t think it works quite that fast but it helps to know that it can help you stomach aliments before you even get them.




Double Chocolate Chip Cookies:


These great guilty pleasures are just that. While they don’t actually have much in the way of health benefits they can provide you with a get away you may need, and put you on the “cool” list with the kids. These all time favorites still make the top list because they are great for making memories for you and your family!




Honey Pecan Pie Bars:


These great delights are also filled with health benefits. Since pecans are enriched with anti-oxidants and have a great source of potassium they are heart smart and belly friendly. If you really want benefits a handful of pecans a day can lower your bad cholesterol something to think about when you bite into your next honey pecan pie bar.



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