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When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner is the primary thought on our meals for the day. But as always breakfast and lunch are meals that we need to plan as well. Preparing a healthy lunch for our holiday guests is just as important. Making sure we are still eating a healthy lunch is important for our families as well. Below are a few healthy muffin choices for our lunch during the Thanksgiving season. Make sure your family has a healthy lunch during the holiday season.

Banana Muffins: Fresh from the Oven

Banana Muffins: Fresh from the Oven (Photo credit: wandersick)


Apple and Onion Stuffing Muffins:


If your family likes stuffing this is a great way to get the day going. Apples provides many great health benefits. We all remember the saying “An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away” this does have some validity. Apples provide us with protection against Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and even protection from some cancers. Eating apples regularly in our diets can help us improve our heart health and prevent gallstones in some cases.


Banana Muffins:


Bananas have several health benefits as well. A side from their great taste bananas help with increased potassium which controls our muscles including our heart. Bananas prevent muscles spasms which many of us have issues with during the colder months. They also provide the needed minerals to help our heart function more effectively since our hearts are a large muscle. If you are looking for a reason to eat bananas what could be more important than protecting our heart function? In addition to that Bananas provide us with more energy with its natural sugars, potassium, and fiber they keep you fueled and regular.


There are many benefits to eating muffins for your lunch daily but on the holiday there is much more work involved in meal preparation don’t you want to be energized and regular to have the day go smoothly? Make sure your family is prepared this holiday and provide them with the nutrition and fuel they need to get it done!


Using silicon mini muffin pans is a great way to bake the best muffins!

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