Dazzling Cupcakes to Put a Smile in Every Classroom

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As mothers we want our children’s experience in school to be the best this includes all their party experiences, and treats they share. So finding the right cupcake idea could be a difficult task if you don’t know what you kids like.


Kindergarten through second grade


Rainbow Caterpillars


You may want to go with something that they recognize well and that all the children in the class will as well. That is why sticking with animals or insects is a great idea. Rainbow Caterpillars is a great idea because it not only gives them a smile but another sweet on top of the cupcake (Gumballs) for the caterpillars body. Also coloring the coconut and sprinkling it across the cupcake before adding the gumball caterpillars will give it a different effect and added taste.


Apple Caramel Cupcakes

Apple Muffins

Apple Muffins (Photo credit: kulinarno)

These cupcakes will give them the look of sprinkles and glitter and a taste they will enjoy. These are easily decorated by adding red or green sprinkles all over the cupcake and than using a pretzel for the stem and green candies for the leaves. They will recognize the shapes quickly and enjoy the taste without working out your kitchen all night.


Third Grade to Fifth Grade


Corn on the Cob Cupcakes


At these ages they often need a little more to amuse them. The use of yellow, and white jelly beans with corn on the cob holders will not only put a smile on their faces but show your creativeness too. This type of cupcake should be for older children.


Banana Split Cupcakes


These kinds of cupcakes have the look of a banana split and the taste of a cupcake. Simply use vanilla and chocolate frosting for the ice cream and fudge appearance while using sprinkles and a cherry to top off the sundae.


While making your class room smile is important be sure you create age appropreate cupcakes so all can enjoy them. Until next time…Keep Baking!

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