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Labor Day is here once again and we are looking for ways to share the spirit. Making cupcakes for our family gathers, parties, or everyday use is always a great way to celebrate. It is often difficult to find a new ideas to shine at our gatherings. Below are 4 creative ways to share with your guests this year.

The inside of a Boston cream cupcake.

The inside of a Boston cream cupcake. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes: The Boston cream pie is a classic dessert. Having Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes at your celebrations will give them a great surprise. Fun Fact: Did you know that Oct. 23rd is National Boston Cream Pie Day?


Cocoanut Cupcakes: Coconuts are a beautiful choice for Labor Day. Their milky white appearance is great for the color of the day.  Coconut cupcakes are not only a delicious choice but can also improve the overall immune system and reduce sweet cravings.


Strawberry Cupcakes w/ Strawberry Butter Cream: For you splash of red try a dash of strawberry. It will bring a fresh great summer flavor with a shot of immune boosting energy. If you need a bit extra in the way of eye health strawberries also help promote better eye care.  They contain vitamin c which is great for fighting off a cold, or the flu.  And to top it off it adds great color to your summer celebration décor.


Star Burst Cupcakes: This cupcakes are great for color and can be displayed on a cupcake party stand. It will bring out the table. If you are looking for a great red, white, and blue display at your celebration remember these beauties. They are a classic and they are great for special occasions.


So if you are looking for great ways to pick up your party this Labor Day and also pick up your health in the process this should give you some great ideas.

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