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Cookies are an all-time favorite for some people. Others are even deciding to learn how to bake these delicious goodies just to be able to enjoy the comfort food anytime they want. The thing is that cookies serve as an excellent comfort food when they are made perfectly. How can you be sure that the cookies you make are perfect?


Perfectly made cookies are guaranteed by keeping in mind the following tips all the time:



Select Only Quality Ingredients

Remember, a tasty cookie is made depending on the ingredients used. Therefore, do not just search and prepare for the necessary ingredients. Make sure to search and prepare only quality ingredients. Take for instance the ingredient vanilla. Do not just find and prepare any vanilla extract. Most importantly, do not use artificial vanilla.


They say that vanilla is the key ingredient in making cookies. It is the soul of the comfort food. So, if you will choose the ingredient, go for the best and the highest quality one.


Be Careful with the Flour

Vanilla is the soul of the cookie. In this case, the flour is the cookie’s breath in its most literal sense. The flour causes this goodie to inflate upon hitting the oven’s heat. Hence, it is important to consider the type of flour to be used in baking cookies. It may also affect the baked goods’ texture and structure.


The protein that it contains defines the consistency of the dough. With higher protein content, it can absorb moisture that results to drier dough. This will also make your cookies tougher. With flour that contains less protein, wet dough is produced. Cookies are even made to be flatter. Hence, you need to be careful in the amount of flour that you use. Move and measure the flour carefully. This is the key to making the perfect texture and structure for your cookie dough. This is also one of the ways to making perfectly baked cookies.


Right Mix & Measure

Perfect cookies are not made just with the use of the right ingredients. These ingredients need to be in measured and mixed perfectly.


When mixing the batter, doing so in a hard and long manner is essential. Simply blend the batter until it becomes creamy and smooth. Add the chocolate chips last. Do not stir them in a long period of time. Then, always measure the ingredients carefully. Having the right measure of all the ingredients is a great thing to do. Remember that there are 2 types of measuring tools used in the kitchen; the dry and liquid measuring cups. Use the right measuring device with the ingredients.

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Chill and Heat

You’ve now blended the ingredient and have a batter. What’s the next thing to do? It’s not the balling up stage. It’s the chilling part of the batter before proceeding on baking it. The point of doing this trick is to allow the cookies in raising more.


Refrigerate the batter overnight to let the protein soak up the liquid. This will result to making the dough drier, cookies fuller and more delicious. If you do not want to refrigerate the batter overnight, an hour or twenty minutes would be enough.


Now, you have baked cookies to enjoy. What‘s the next thing to do? Let the goodies cool down then store them tightly!

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