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When you think of cupcakes you often simply think of how it tastes. But improving your overall cupcake experience includes a few senses including taste, sight, smell, and even touch or texture. Taking that in consideration eating a cupcake should encompass all those senses each and every time you are around them.

Chocolate pumpkin cupcake filled with caramel ...

Chocolate pumpkin cupcake filled with caramel topped with cinnamon buttercream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If you want to improve your families cupcake experience remember to engross yourself in all these senses when preparing, baking, and decorating your batch of cupcakes. Need a bit more on the senses? Below you will find examples of each to keep in mind when thinking everything cupcake.




An important part of baking is the smell that fills the house when the oven is on. So the sense of smell should happen each time you bake your cupcakes. Maybe choosing a cupcake with a stronger flavor will help heighten the sense of smell when baking. French vanilla, Chocolate, Silk velvet, or even cinnamon can produce a stronger aroma.




This is a play on the sense of touch. Adding sprinkles, sprinkles, candies, or even colored sugar can help add to your sense of touch when you  bite into your finished product. Plate decoration with flavored syrups, frosting, sprinkles, or other candies can also add to this sense as well.




This one is easy. Making the cupcakes decoratively will give you an experience with the sense of sight. More detailed decoration or creative cupcakes can  improve the sense of sight experience.




The sense of taste should be easy too as long as you can bake! This sense will be heightened more if the other senses are improved. So when you are working on your cupcakes overall taste be sure to improve on all the senses to make this experience complete. After all baking cupcakes should not be just a pass time but a full experience and art if you get enough practice!


Until next time…Happy Baking!

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