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We all enjoy better bread and remember the smell of it lingering through the house. So how can we get the same taste and aroma our mother and grandmother made? The key to making the proper dough is time and care. We must spend the right amount of time in needing the dough and an efficient amount of care into the ingredients. Making the homemade bread right will require at least 6-8 hours. If you try to shorten the time the your dough will generally come out less than desirable.

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Below are 2 tips to improve your homemade dough:


Tip 1: Needing the Dough


To get the dough to the right consistency you must first be sure to need the dough properly. Pull the dough from the mixing bowl and be sure flour the surface before laying it down. Sprinkle your flour on the surface of the dough and use the palm of your hand to push into the dough mixing in the flour as you go. Repeat this process for about 2 to 3 minutes. Than form a ball and place in a bowl again. This will allow the dough to rest (about 5minutes) than repeat the process again.


Tip 2: Allowing the Bread to Rise


In this process many people try to create short cuts. But doing this can cause your bread to come out hard, not flaky enough, or even fall while baking. Be sure to take enough time and care in the process of making bread as well as baking your bread.


After about three to four times of needing the bread leave the dough in the bowl covering with a towel allowing the dough to rise. The process of allowing the bread to rise will take about 2 hours each time. Afterward repeat this process. You will need to let the dough rise two to three times before you can bake the bread. It is important to allow it to rise undisturbed in a dark dry place. Covering the bread will help in this process.


We all love homemade bread but we must love the process as well as the final outcome in order to make great homemade bread!


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