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Sugar is sweet. It is commonly used to add sweetness in drinks, baked goods and savory dishes. But, the use of this sweet substance does not stop there. In fact, sugar is also used in adding that rich caramel flavor, decoration and texture.


It is also used in making dough tender and in helping achieve that golden brown color in baked goods. It also provides firmness for egg whites for that lavishly-recommended Pavlovas and meringues. How are all these made possible? These are brought by the specific type of sugar used. These types of sugar are not only limited to brown variation. There are also whites and liquid sugars.

Golden granulated, light muscovado and dark muscovado sugar

Golden granulated, light muscovado and dark muscovado sugar


Types of Sugar

The varieties of sugar you will see below are presented in a grouped manner such as brown, white and liquid sugar.


White Sugar


Bakers Special Sugar – Features finer crystal sized sugar than the fruit sugar. It is the type of sugar that is produced to be used in the baking industry. SomIt is also used in adding up its sweet flavor to cookies and doughnuts. This sugar is also great for cake recipes to achieve that fine crumb texture.


Coarse Sugar – This has its larger crystal sugar size than the regular type. It has a characteristic that is important in making confections, liquors and fondants. This is highly resistant to inversion or color change.


Confectioners/Powdered Sugar – The type that is used with granulated sugar. This is grounded to produce smooth powder. It contains 3% cornstarch to avoid caking. It features 10x degree of fineness that makes it perfect to be used in making whipping cream, icings and confections cream.


Fruit Sugar – It is slightly finer as compared to the regular type. This type is commonly utilized in dry mixes like pudding desserts, powdered drinks and gelatin. As compared to the regular, fruit sugar features a more uniformed and smaller crystal. Such uniformity in size prevents larger crystals from settling at the bottom of the box.


Regular/White/Extra Fine/Fine Sugar – The type of sugar found in homes and commonly used in preparing food. This is also the type that is most featured to be used in cookbook recipes.


Sanding Sugar –This is a type with large crystal size and is used in the confectionery and baking industry to sprinkle on baked goods.


Superfine/Ultrafine/Bar Sugar – The finest of all the granulated white sugar types. This is ideal in making delicately textured meringues and cakes. This is also great in sweetening iced and fruit drinks.



Brown Sugar


Demerra Sugar – It is light brown in color with large crystals. This is commonly used in coffee and is sprinkled on top of hot cereals.


Brown Sugar – Light & Dark – The darker variety features a stronger flavor of molasses while the lighter ones are used in making condiments, glazes, butterscotch and baking. The darker variety is rich in flavor. This is a good option in making baked beans, mincemeat, gingerbread and other full-flavored foods.


Evaporated Cane Juice – This is also known as the food-grade cane-based sweetener. This features a light golden color and a bit of molasses flavor.


Free-Flowing Brown Sugars – This features a very dark brown color and strong flavor of molasses. This is typically sticker and is coarser than the regular brown type of sugar.


Muscuvado/Barbados Sugar – A type of less moist sugar produced through the co-crystallization process.


Turbinado Sugar – This is a partially processed raw sugar that is used in sea and similar beverages.

Liquid Sugar


Invert Sugar – This is a type of sugar produced from a process called inversion. The commercial invert sugar has an equal amount of fructose and glucose.


Liquid Sugar – This is made from dissolved white granulated sugar ideally used to make products that require sugar to be dissolved first.

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