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Let’s face it – who doesn’t love brownies? Here are some different types of brownies:


Walnut brownies:  These are regular brownies with a little twist. They have, well, as the name suggests, walnuts in them which make them a lot more crispy and fun to munch on! There are tons of reasons to love walnut brownies. They have the same old school fudge brownie material, while satisfying the inner craving for something more, something bigger, and filling.


Homemade Chocolate Brownies and Milk

Homemade Chocolate Brownies and Milk (Photo credit: texascooking)


Pretzel brownies: Feel like sugar and salt today? Have a pretzel brownie! A pretzel is basically a crisp biscuit with flavored salt. This helps you understand what a pretzel brownie could be. There have been so many versions of a pretzel brownie ever since this kind of thing first made its mark in the world of confectionary items. To begin with, you could go for a peanut butter pretzel brownie, which has pretzels that have peanut butter filled inside. Or you could simply go for a Nutella pretzel brownie.


Peppermint pattie brownies: Yes, something as amazing as this does exist, and yes, this can be baked at home too. It’s really not all that complicated. To begin with, a peppermint patty is nothing but dark chocolate with peppermint in it. And that’s exactly what a peppermint pattie brownie is- brownie with peppermint patties in it!


Brownie sundaes : Think ice cream topped with brownies topped with cream topped with a cherry and sauce- there you have it! The perfect brownie sundae! Who knew brownies could be put to such wonderful work too? Well, to make it a little more interesting , here is how you could make a scrumptious brownie sundae on your own.


All you need is ice cream, brownies (of course!) , cherries, and whipped cream.
First of all, melt some butter and chocolate in a pan over low heat. Then add boiling water to this mixture . Blend, and add corn syrup. Allow the mixture to simmer for about 9 minutes and make sure it gets really thick. Take it away from the flame and let it cool down, for about 15 minutes. Finally, split the bronwnie and place the halves in bowls. Garnish – my favourite part – with anything that falls between cream and cherry ! Enjoy your absolutely delightful sundae !


Well, there is a lot more to this lit but I fear that going any further will land me at the nearby bakery quicker than I can ever imagine. So grab yourself a brownie , or better yet, grab some with a friend.


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