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Most people use a muffin pan to bake euh… muffins.  However, I’d like to share some other ideas on how to use a muffin pan.

  • You can use a mini muffin pan to make ice cubes in all kinds of shapes or just use a larger muffin pan to make large ice cubes.
  •  Another idea is to use a muffin pan to freeze single servings of soup, instead of using one giant plastic container.
  • Why not place a muffin pan inside a desk drawer and use it to hold your office supplies such as paper clips, rubber bands, coins and other.
  • Finally, flip a muffin pan upside down to make edible bowls out of cookie dough.


This is just a small selection of other ways to use a muffin pan. Please leave a comment on this video below with your own ideas.


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